More Subjects

  • Maths, English and Science all in one program.
  • Integrated program covering major subject areas mapped to curriculums
  • Over 17,000 interactive activities, tutorials and printables
  • Resources to encourage and support enquiry based learning
  • Additional Home Tutor content for Home Plus subscribers


Covers the full scope of mathematical learning and problem solving

  • Curriculum based skills development improving confidence and results
  • Targeted activities to master foundational number skills
  • Develop into applying knowledge to solve real world problems
  • Perfecting fundamental building blocks in Mathematics


Our English course allows students to find their current level and then excel

  • Developing the foundational building blocks in reading to create a strong base
  • Broadening vocabulary and prior knowledge for writing
  • Developing strategies to extract and construct meaning from text
  • A whole language approach using spelling, reading and grammar


Multiple topics and exploration avenues

  • Activities to develop science literacy and enquiry based learning
  • Explore a range of science topics including chemistry, biology, geography
  • Curriculum based content focus
  • Developing prior knowledge in scientific topics

Many more subjects

History and Historical events

We have recently added a wide range of new reading comprehension materials that cover various topics such as history, health, visual arts, and much more. Our history materials cover various time periods and events.

Visual Arts and Art History

Our visual arts materials cover different types of art, art history, and artists. We are continually updating and expanding our collection to provide readers with the most engaging and informative materials possible.